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“I would 100% recommend Attorney Mark Satawa to anyone in need of a knowledgeable, competent, and dedicated attorney! I retained Mr. Satawa for appeal after my husband’s conviction. If I could turn back the hands of time or knew all the things I know now, I would have retained Mr. Satawa prior to my husband’s conviction. Attorney Mark Satawa upholds the highest standards of professionalism in and outside the courtroom. He displays confidence and does not back down. The knowledge he possesses in criminal sexual conduct law is top-notch. His association with other experts and valuable resources is a force to be reckoned with. Mr. Satawa has earned my trust and has maintained honesty with me throughout this process. We have been to the Michigan Supreme Court. We have been to the United States District Court. He has stood by my side, through all my tears, fighting for my husband’s freedom tirelessly. He has made what seemed like the impossible, possible. Attorney Mark Satawa succeeded and my husband will be coming home!”Michelle

“We are presently engaged with Attorney Mark A. Satawa to represent our son Daniel, who has been wrongfully convicted of a crime he did not commit. When we met and after talking and observing Mark I was convinced that Mark is a true innovator in terms of his approach to defending our son. I feel that he uses his superior people skills and legal prowess to either convince the Michigan State Supreme Court, and at the same time the Parole Board, and also the prosecutor to do what he wants for a client and that is: that justice will be served. I noticed Mark’s focused approach in my son’s case, his solid integrity, and his zealous approach in our son’s case, have earned my highest respect and therefore I believe Mark will also have the highest respect of the judges before whom he practices. With confidence, I, therefore, state that in my opinion Mark is an outstanding attorney and counselor and we along with our son Dan put our trust and hope into his hand, to demonstrate and will prove that an innocent man was wrongfully convicted, imprisoned due to a false allegation by women, and with the hope that our son’s name will be cleared and that he will regain his Freedom again. A family that is bounded by love and caring.”Ursula

“There are times when the legal system can be frustrating and complex, and it takes an expert to intricately navigate its corridors and achieve success. That expert was attorney Mark A. Satawa. My relative was caught up in a low risk misconduct and was serving time. With the outbreak of COVID-19 and its rapid spread through the prisons, we feared he would not survive the virus because of chronic health issues. Mark’s extensive expertise, compassion, and understanding of the law contributed to my relative’s release within a very short period. Mark was in constant communication with me and kept me abreast of matters every step of the way. He’s extremely savvy, well connected, kind, and considerate. I highly recommend him.”Mary

“Mr. Satawa is an outstanding attorney that is prepared to go full steam ahead to get to the truth (good and bad) using all legal avenues to accomplish this. His knowledge and willingness are what separates him from other attorneys! I can honestly say I’m not sure where I would be had I not hired Mark to represent me during the scariest time of my life! I would recommend Satawa law firm to anyone and everyone facing legal charges ( big or small ). Mr. Satawa you truly saved me, my son/daughter, and family from the horrific situation I ended up in based on a vile human being and her selfish needs. Thank you and God bless you, sir!”Travis

“IMMIGRATION LAW – Stuart Friedman came highly recommended to help me with a U.S. Visa issue for my daughter. His expert knowledge and empathy makes him a trusted advocate. He has become a friend to our family. Thank you! Thank you!”Russ

“Stuart Friedman came highly recommended by a past client after hearing about the charge and situation I was faced with. He was incredibly professional, informative, and responsive. I would recommend him to anyone who is in need of legal representation. You will be in good hands.”A Satisfied Client

“Look no further you get what u pay for I HIGHLY RECOMEND STUART he put my worries at ease and I was able to continue my life and live I’m very satisfied we WON!”Ali

“As a family, we have dealt with many lawyers, some good and some bad. However, I can finally say that my family met a great lawyer. Mark’s passion for his clients is rare. His responsiveness, patience, and attention to detail set him apart from many other lawyers that have represented our family during difficult times. Do not ever underestimate having a great lawyer in your corner, especially when the odds are against you. Mark’s exemplary representation is definitely appreciated.”Lameese

“Mark is one of the most dedicated attorneys I have ever worked with. He has extensive experience in rape cases and is well-respected by both the bench and the bar.”Deanna K.

“Mark Satawa is a skilled and caring attorney who has been helping me address some challenging issues. He does not miss on any details, and is capable of creating a positive environment for finding the best solution. I strongly recommend him.”Tekva C.

“Mark went above and beyond for my son!”Nina T.

“I can’t say enough positive things about Mr. Satawa. He is one of the most detail-oriented, thorough, and committed attorneys I’ve ever worked with. You don’t need to worry about him exploring every option possible for your defense, he thinks out of the box and will do whatever it takes to provide you with the most effective defense possible. When looking for an attorney, I can assure you they are not all created equal, and Mark Satawa is at the top of the food chain.”J. S.

“Mark Satawa is without peers when it comes to providing legal counsel, period! Mark’s legal/technical skills and mastery of the law (with all its nuances) is brilliant! This is demonstrated with his legal briefs that are superbly crafted. Most importantly, Mark cares about his clients and ensures their legal rights have been protected. Thank you Mark Satawa.”Mark D.