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There are a variety of homicide charges which can be brought by the state of Michigan including first degree murder, felony murder, second degree murder and voluntary or involuntary manslaughter. Further, should you end up being charged under the Federal murder statute, you could actually face the death penalty under certain circumstances. What these charges all have in common is that if you’ve been charged with killing another human being, it is absolutely imperative you have a thorough, highly skilled, aggressive defense team in your corner, to fight hard for your rights and your future.

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A Vigorous Defense by Satawa Law

In order to mount the most successful defense in your specific case, your attorney must have a complete and thorough knowledge of the details. The knowledge of facts surrounding the case are crucial and must be meticulously explored with your trial team. Witnesses must all be interviewed, and information on the police report must never be taken as the whole story. At Satawa Law we employ the services of the most experienced private investigators to pursue and develop facts which can be critical to your defense. Our firm has extensive affiliations with the very best people whose services can be invaluable when you are facing such unimaginable changes to your future. The services of expert witnesses can often make or break a murder case; these experts can include medical doctors, psychologists, fingerprint experts and DNA experts among others.

Murder and Manslaughter Penalties

If you have been charged with first degree murder, then the state’s prosecutor must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you carefully planned the murder ahead of time, and had the intent to kill. This is the most serious crime you could be charged with under Michigan law, however since Michigan does not allow the death penalty, your punishment could include mandatory life in prison without possibility of parole. Felony murder occurs when another human being loses his or her life in the commission of a felony such as arson, major controlled substance offenses, robbery, carjacking, home invasion, criminal sexual conduct, larceny, extortion or kidnapping. Michigan law provides for life in prison should you be found guilty of felony murder.

Second degree murder, although a lesser charge, still carries the penalty of life in prison, or any number of years as determined by the judge in the case. The prosecution does not have to prove forethought as they do in first degree murder. Manslaughter charges can either be voluntary or involuntary, however both involve killing another human without any malice involved. Voluntary manslaughter is intentionally killing another, but during the heat of passion, while involuntary manslaughter is an unintentional killing of another person. Both are punishable by 15 years in prison.

Things You Must Not Forget


If you have been arrested or accused our team of Southfield lawyers are ready to help defend your rights and protect your future. We understand the life-changing nature of these types of allegations. We never judge or assume; rather, we immediately start to try and determine the best way to win that case. We do that while providing our clients with the empathetic and compassionate guidance they need to get through this difficult time.

We have won the majority of the many cases we have defended at trial, and can use our extensive experience and expertise to help you as well. Do not wait for the police or prosecutors to make the first move. Speak with our Southfield defense team now, and allow us to put our knowledge, skill, and expertise to good use.


Simply put, we are not afraid to take on prosecutors. We know that a relentless, effective, and well-thought out defense strategy will be critical to the success of a case. Because we always prepare every case extensively from the very beginning of our representation, we can offer persuasive rebuttals to any allegations brought by the Prosecution. We developed a multi-disciplinary approach, using a team of professionals to investigate and prepare our defense – experts, psychologists, lawyers, trial consultants, investigators, and jury consultants to prepare our client and our case for trial. We employ mock trials, practice direct and cross examinations, focus groups, client reenactments, and interview every possible witness to leave no trial stone unturned, and put the case in the best position to be won. When falsely accused of a crime, we demand that our clients to be treated fairly and equally by the justice system. We defend their rights, and protect their future.

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